Sitting along Costa Alegre (The Happy Coast), Manzanillo remains a little-known hideaway of seaside treasures. Although there are just a few resorts, the 2 bays (Bahia de Manzanillo and Bahia de Santiago) remain true to their original purpose. Since 1825, the city has served primarily as a port that connects Mexico to the west. Manzanillo is named for the trees that are abundant in the coastal area, and the scenery also includes sandy beaches and rainbow sunsets that create a beautiful background to the view of ships docking and setting out to sea.

Many undeveloped golden beaches lie sandwiched between the crystal Pacific waters and fruit plantations mixed with unspoiled rainforests. Towering 12,000 feet above the landscape is the steaming Volcan de Fuego (Volcano of Fire). The Bahia de Manzanillo areas has most of the resorts, sporting seaside activities along with elegant accommodations and dining. The Bahia de Santiago is slightly less traveled by tourists and so a visit there results in a deeper experience with the local way of life. Although tourism is an important part of the economy, the area isn't widely promoted and so remains absent of crowds. It is a very subdued, sleepy place with welcoming people who love to share the beauty and history of their homeland. With warmth emanating from the surf, sun, and people, it is impossible to avoid falling in love with Manzanillo!
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