MSC Cruises' South African cruises are designed to stimulate the senses as you take in everything from the beautiful Portuguese Island to the bustling port city of Durban, all under the magical African sun.

From the suspenseful thrill of a guided safari tour in a wildlife reserve to luxuriously lazy days on gorgeous beaches, a South Africa cruise travels through a collage of cultures that change from port to port. Soak for hours in the warm waters of Mauritius and visit the beachfront African city of Durban. Our South Africa vacation packages can also take you to Cape Town, founded by the Dutch East India Company at the southern tip of the continent. And to Namibia's Walvis Bay and the vast banana plantations and pineapple groves of the balmy Canary Islands.

All itineraries for our Africa cruises go through the Mediterranean and stop at diverse ports of call - whether you choose Egypt's ancient pyramids in Alexandria or Corsica's Ajaccio, Napoleon's homeland, your entire journey through Africa will be a magnificent adventure.

Equally amazing are the South Africa cruise deals you'll find with MSC Cruises. Add this to our Kids Cruise Free policy and that adds up to an affordable vacation for the whole family!


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