Breckenridge is a quaint Victorian town built on the ancestral lands of the nomadic Ute Indians who lived in harmony with moose, elk, deer, bears, cougars, and many other creatures. The Utes called this beautiful spot on the Blue River where the peaks and glen unite "Nah-oon-kara," meaning "softly beautiful valley." In 1859, the first European settlement began alongside the river and, with the onset of the gold rush, the town prospered. It was here that Colorado's largest gold nugget, a 13-pounder dubbed "Tom's Baby," was found in 1887. Many of the original buildings from that era remain, including the circa 1880 building that housed the town's first newspaper, "Ye Editor," the 1860 "Choy Laundryman's Chinese Laundry," and the 1870 "Gold Pan Saloon," one of the oldest bars west of the Mississippi.

When the mining days began to wane, another boom hit Breckenridge with the discovery of its "White Gold." Incredible skiing put Breckenridge on international ski maps and broke the boom and bust cycle forever. Twenty-first century Breckenridge's claims to fame are its 4 interconnected mountains, more than 2,000 skiable acres, wilderness adventure, and one of the largest historic districts in Colorado. Visitors praise the echoes of the past that are all around to remind them of the colorful history of this welcoming and authentic Wild West town!
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