Over the last half-century, this Rocky Mountain treasure bounced back from the brink of abandonment to become an international landmark of phenomenal skiing, gorgeous scenery, and celebrity glamour. Founded in the 1870s as Ute City, this byproduct of a boom period in silver mining lost residents to the silver crash and The Great Depression. A permanent boom came when a Swiss mountaineer and ski consultant saw the potential of the "white gold" and by 1941, had turned Aspen into prime ski territory hosting the US Skiing Nationals. Since then, the facilities have been greatly expanded to become among the best in the world.

Aspen is unmistakably the US's premier upscale ski resort, attracting everyone from Hollywood celebrities to snowboarding hotdogs. Unbeatable snow skiing, mountain hiking in the summer, world-class dining, nightlife, and shopping make it a luxurious getaway. The Victorian "pedestrian village" is full of red brick buildings, trendy caf├ęs, chic boutiques, and celebrities! The resort's 4,800 acres are remote enough to prevent large weekend crowds from swarming the slopes, so you'll breeze through short lift lines and have lots of "personal space." Though the town itself can be quite fashion conscious, it still has a mellow, welcoming atmosphere.
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